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Spooky Story

So, I really need to revise this story, but since I haven’t posted in a while, and it’s all spooky-like I figured I’d share today in the spirit of Halloween.

King and Fool

I wake to the buzz of the alarm and glare at the blurry red numbers glowing in the darkness: 3:30am. What a shit time to be up. But I can’t go back to sleep, the pounding at the bedroom door ensures that.

“Yo esse, let’s go! You ain’t got time to make yourself pretty,” Raphael yells through the door.

I roll out of bed and stumble to open the door and stare blearily at the big thug. He flashes me an ugly, gold toothed grin and pushes a veladora candle and a lighter into my hands.



An Overheard Ghost Story

In the spirit of the season I have decided to post a ghost story. I overheard this story a year or two ago while eating by myself in a diner. Two older women were sitting behind me, and as I had nothing else to do I could not help but listen in on one relating this story to the other.I did not have my notebook with me at the time, but I did my best to remember every detail and immediately wrote it down as soon as I got home. I’m sure there are some things I missed and some things that I changed; but by and large I believe this to be accurate and wholly true, at least to the woman who told it.

An image of a cartoonish ghost.

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“This was back at my mom’s place, the one over by the trailer park. I was just old enough
to stay home alone, maybe 13. Mom was out somewhere, I don’t remember.

Anyway, I was making myself I guess you’d call it dinner, it was kinda late, slicing
cheese and tomatoes for a sandwich. You remember my mom’s old house? How the kitchen’s
over here, and down the hall is the living room? Well I’m in the kitchen, home alone, when all of
a sudden the stereo in the living room comes on, loud.

Now I don’t think too much of it, I just go down the hall and turn it off and come back.
Well after just a little bit, probably not a minute, it comes on again. So I call out, “Justin? You

No answer.

So I’m still holding the knife as I creep back to the living room. The stereo’s in the big
black entertainment center, you know, the old one, behind one of the glass doors. So the stereo’s
on, and the door’s open, even though I remember shutting it. So I go turn it off, shut the door and
call again, “Justin? Is that you?”

No answer.

So I go back to the kitchen, and just as I get there the stereo does it again. Well I figure
Justin is messing with me, so I run back this time, to try and catch him. So I get back there, and
the room’s empty, and the glass is open again. Now I’m a little worried, so I hurry over, turn it
off, and close the glass. And this time, as I’m leaving the room, I hear a click as the glass opens.

So I turn around and see the glass swinging open nice and smooth. Now this scares
me, ‘cause you gotta understand these doors are heavy, and the magnets are strong. It takes a lot
of effort to open those doors. So yeah, that scares the crap outa me and I go running out the door
to the neighbor’s house, to get my friend Sandy.

So I tell Sandy what happened, and of course she doesn’t believe me. But after a minute I
get her to come back with me. We get back to the house, and you can hear the stereo from
outside, some country station, which isn’t what it was before, and no one in my family listens to
country. Well before we go in I go around back and grab Justin’s baseball bat, just in case.

Now this was early fall, and like I said, sometime in the evening; so it’s really noticeable
when we step inside: it’s hot. Like really hot. I look over at Sandy, and I can see she’s starting to
believe me. Well we go back to the living room and turn off the stereo gain, and it suddenly get’s
cold. Cold enough to see your breath. Now we’re really spooked, and we go to leave.

Well while we’re walking up the hallway Sandy all of a sudden yells and points. You
remember how my mom’s room was at the other end of the hall? And the big mirror she had
hanging on the door? Well Sandy’s pointing right at the mirror, and at first I can’t tell what she’s
so scared about. But after a second I see it too: this gray shape in the mirror, like a person, but
vague and smudged. I couldn’t really say why, but I was sure it was a woman, and that she was
mad, like she hated me almost.

So we stare at it for a minute, afraid to do anything I guess. And then it moves, like it’s
reaching out or something. Well that gets us going, I dropped the bat, and we both ran from the
house, screaming.

Well my mom got home later, to the stereo on, playing country loud, and me not home.
So when I see that she’s there and come back over from Sandy’s she gives me an earful. I tried
to explain what happened, but of course she doesn’t believe me. Anyway, after that I never
stayed home alone at that house again, and I definitely believe in ghosts.”