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Symbiosis – A Sweet Kickstarter

It’s that time again! Where I tell you about an awesome Kickstarter project your should totally back. It’s called Symbiosis, and I’ll let its creator describe it to you:

“Symbiosis is a Creative Commons licensed, world-building art book by comic and concept artist Steven Sanders. It explores a world where there are no mechanical sources of power. Instead, humanity has learned to utilize biological engines that harness a “bio-ether” present on the planet. They can control and feel what these bio-engines feel via a “Resonance Tooth.” Consider it 1940s era bio-punk.

The Creative Commons licensing turns this book into a world-building toolkit that you can use to make your own RPGs, comics, cosplay, novels, or anything you can imagine that is inspired by the world in this book.”

As always, I’m  a huge supporter of Creative Commons licensing (see: My Licensing), and this sounds like a pretty cool idea. So, to that end, I encourage everyone to go check it out and hopefully back it. There’s only a few days left, and just under $3000 to go (as of my writing this), so PLEASE, go help fund this awesome project. Crowdsourced funding and CC licensing are two powerful ideas that need to proliferate, so go do your part!


A Project Worth Backing #steampunk

So I seem to be on a bit of a Steampunk kick lately… And I guess a lot of other folks are too. My Steampunk Pistol post was my most viewed in quite some time. At any rate, one of my favorite web comics: Goblins, Life Through Their Eyes brought an excellent Kickstarter project to my attention:

So, I’m hoping you will all go check it out. And hopefully back it. And if you do back it, I hope you’ll also share it. There’s a lot of regurgitation in the media now days, let’s try to get some more original projects going.



Digital Painting

My cousin let me mess around on her iPad with a program called ArtRage. I freaking love it, so much fun. So here’s what I made:

The Rift (click to see full size)

The Art of Trolling Digital Story

Folio – Fall 2011


I am pleased to announce that the Fall 2011 edition of Salt Lake Community College’s literary magazine Folio was a rousing success. The launch party was last night, and was very fun, lots of good readings and art. I appear to have gotten over my fear of reading to large groups, as I didn’t stutter at all this year. It’s a great edition, so click on the cover picture below to check it out. Link goes to the web edition, which also has a PDF file of the print edition.


Almost Done – Steel Sunflower update

3 Leaves to go.

So I’m almost done with the sunflower. I thought I’d finish today, but the leaves didn’t feel like cooperating and were very hard to get welded on. The flower itself wasn’t too hard to get put together, and was in fact super easy to attach to the stem.  I didn’t get the petals lined up as neatly as I’d hoped, due the way I decided to weld in order to keep the front of the flower free of welds. But I actually kinda like it, it looks more real and less fabricated. I’ll get a picture from the back on Monday so you can see how it’s held together BTW. Also, the petals are a lot shinier than they look in this pic, the lighting in the storage room just sucks. It should be positively blinding when the sun hits it right. I bent the round bar  for the stem using this crazy lever/pivot contraption that I don’t know the name of, and it was surprisingly easy considering I was doing it essentially by hand. Did all the welding on this piece with the MIG Welder (also known as a wire-feed welder), rather than oxy-acetylene. It was way easier because MIG can weld at angles and in tighter spaces a lot more efficiently, and you don’t have to worry about filler rod, the wire feed handles that for you. Anyway, that’s all for this update; I’m swamped this weekend with reviewing submissions for SLCC’s Lit Mag: Folio (I’m on the staff). I should have more updates on the flower next week as well as the next Company of the Damned post.

4 Leaves – More Metal Sculpting


So I’m finished with the leaves for the sunflower. I didn’t do much different with the rest except that I rounded out the edges of the leaves over the anvil to get a little better shape. Tomorrow I’ll be using the plasma-cutter to cut out the flower pieces. Then some pounding, grinding, and welding and I should be done by next Friday!