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Symbiosis – A Sweet Kickstarter

It’s that time again! Where I tell you about an awesome Kickstarter project your should totally back. It’s called Symbiosis, and I’ll let its creator describe it to you:

“Symbiosis is a Creative Commons licensed, world-building art book by comic and concept artist Steven Sanders. It explores a world where there are no mechanical sources of power. Instead, humanity has learned to utilize biological engines that harness a “bio-ether” present on the planet. They can control and feel what these bio-engines feel via a “Resonance Tooth.” Consider it 1940s era bio-punk.

The Creative Commons licensing turns this book into a world-building toolkit that you can use to make your own RPGs, comics, cosplay, novels, or anything you can imagine that is inspired by the world in this book.”

As always, I’m  a huge supporter of Creative Commons licensing (see: My Licensing), and this sounds like a pretty cool idea. So, to that end, I encourage everyone to go check it out and hopefully back it. There’s only a few days left, and just under $3000 to go (as of my writing this), so PLEASE, go help fund this awesome project. Crowdsourced funding and CC licensing are two powerful ideas that need to proliferate, so go do your part!


A Project Worth Backing #steampunk

So I seem to be on a bit of a Steampunk kick lately… And I guess a lot of other folks are too. My Steampunk Pistol post was my most viewed in quite some time. At any rate, one of my favorite web comics: Goblins, Life Through Their Eyes brought an excellent Kickstarter project to my attention:

So, I’m hoping you will all go check it out. And hopefully back it. And if you do back it, I hope you’ll also share it. There’s a lot of regurgitation in the media now days, let’s try to get some more original projects going.



Random Political Post

Interesting Political quiz to see who you agree with the most among the Presidential Candidates. You might be surprised. I wasn’t really, since I strongly agreed with Obama and barely agreed with Romney, except for how much I agreed with Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. But you might be. This is a crazy election, and this test really covers all the positions. Take it here.



So I can’t for.this, I just found it in a political thread I was reading, but it was so awesome I had to share it.


New Edition of Folio

The Spring edition of Folio came out last week. They published 2 of my pieces, The Silence Between Stars and & I am the Wizard, in the Print Edition. The Web Edition this spring also has some awesome multimedia work, including a great philosophical hip-hop piece from some good friends of mine. If anyone is interested in a copy of the Print Edition, let me know and I can probably get you a copy. In the mean time, enjoy the Web Edition, linked from image below.

The Beginning (via The Luminescent Chronicles)

As I have just begun my own serial story, I figured I’d share one I found on WordPress that I quite enjoy. The Luminescent Chronicles it set in a world which seems to be somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy (a little more on the fantasy side so far), and yet defies both genres. With intriguing characters and a beautifully surreal setting it is a very engaging read.

Wispy clouds slowly drifted across the star-speckled sky and a bright moon shone down upon countless oak and slate roofs, casting shadows in the night. Throughout the enclave streets, mists and darkness roamed unchallenged. However, on one street, called Scribblers Way by some, life remained. Circling a squat stone building with a domed roof, devoid of ornamentation, Scribblers Way was unremarkable. Tonight, however, it was full of activity. Ligh … Read More

via The Luminescent Chronicles

__let’s get writing (via ermiliablog)

A lovely prompt/exercise which I quite enjoyed and felt deserved to be shared.

__let's get writing Since I love writing and I hope you do too I felt like starting something new on our blog. I will post an image I find inspiring in some way and will write the first fiction introductory paragraph to accompany the image that comes to mind with me. I like doing exercises like this, it keeps my mind fresh and the creative juices flowing. I urge people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn't have to foll … Read More

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