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Brewing and Bottling

Sunday was a big day.


First I bottled my batch of Christmas Metheglin: 8 bottles total. I tried some before bottling; it’s very dry, with a spicy aroma and a bit of bite in the flavor. It seems to be pretty high gravity; but my hydrometer broke so I can’t be certain.


Next we brewed up a fresh batch of rootbeer. This time we just used some extract and a little (seriously, like 1 TSP per gallon) molasses, plus a lot of sugar. Our first batch with the actual roots we used an ale yeast, which has a lower alcohol tolerance and consumes the sugar more slowly. This time we used a champagne yeast which will pressurize it quickly, since we’ll be bottling right away.



We got thirteen standard beer bottles of root beer, and two larger hinge-cork bottles. The bottle capper is a lot of fun for some reason. We don’t have labels yet, but we might get some printed up later this week, not certain about that yet.


After the rootbeer was boiled, cooled, and bottled, I started a new (smaller) batch of Mead. This will be a plain Mead, no spices or anything but honey. I used a little higher honey to water ratio, and the ale yeast instead of champagne yeast so this batch should be sweeter than the Metheglin, and without that bite. I also didn’t use a yeast nutrient, which supposedly can affect the flavor a bit, but instead used some of the yeast sediment from the Metheglin batch as a nutrient starter.


Only a gallon for this batch, but I think that in a month or two when I rerack this to a different carboy I’ll start another 2 gallon batch, and soon I’ll have Mead for all occasions, year round!


3 responses

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  2. Yum! I’ve experimented with making very small batches of honey wine and ginger beer. It’s oddly fun to ferment stuff. 😀

    January 4, 2012 at 15:59

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