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Steel Rose

I finished my assigned project: the Steel Rose. This is the entire process I went through to make it. Took me about 1 week of class (5 hours or so). Because this is long with a lot of pictures I am going to us a little different format, with less writing.  Without further ado here you are:

First it's back to the trusty plasma-cutter to cut the petals.


And now we have 4 pieces to be bent into petals, and 1 for that little green bit roses have on the bottom.


As you can see the cutting process leaves a big bur on the steel, and doesn't eliminate the rust, so we grind them down nicely.


Next we heat the petals in the oxy-acetylene forge...


... until it's red hot.

Then, using two sets of pliers, we bend the steel to give the petals a form resembling an actual flower.

And stack them to build a rose!

Next we cut the leaves out using a massive machine called the Piranna.

It pairs down my 16 guage steel with ease, so you have to watch your fingers.

After that we polish up the leaves and take a chisel to them to make veins.

So they look like this.

Then it's a simple matter of welding a 1/8" filler rod to the smallest set of petals, and threading the other sections onto it and welding them in place. And of course attaching the leaves, giving us this!

And here's a side view of the finished rose. 🙂


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