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Steel Sunflower – Finished


Ok, so I have been gone a while. Never fear, I have not perished. Really, I swear I’m not currently writing you as an undead. The sunflower is finished. Has actually been finished a while, and is now happily residing in my mother’s front yard. But more on that in a moment.

In my last post I promised to show a picture of the back of the sunflower so you can see how it’s all welded on. Basically I cut a circle with the plasma cutter, and then used the oxy-acetylene torch to punch a hole in the center. I then welded one layer of  petals around the outer edge. Next I took the domed circle for the center of the flower and welded the front layer of petals to the edge, being sure that all the welds were on the inside. Then I positioned the two pieces together as evenly as possible and tacked the front layer to the back between the petals of the back layer. It’s not a solid enough weld to really support a lot of weight, but unless my family has to fend off looters using it as a weapon it should hold together pretty well. Lastly I put the round bar through the hole and welded it on. That weld is pretty solid and should withstand plenty of looter beating.

Below I have two pictures of the finished flower. I was originally planning on just putting up the one of it in its new home, but it was morning and the lighting isn’t too great so I have also included the one from my back yard with better lighting. The petals aren’t as shiny as I had hoped, they are already starting to rust a little, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless it gets seriously soaked long-term. So there you have it. I’m working on my steel rose now (which is an assigned project, though a pretty one) I’m mostly done with that already and I’ll post some stuff about it either tonight or tomorrow. After that it’s back to my own projects.




2 responses

  1. Wow! I particularly like the leaves. It seems very organic – I am so impressed that it’s metal. Are you sure you want to be a writer?

    October 19, 2011 at 10:38

    • Yes dear, I am quite certain about the writing thing. In part because it’s even harder to make a living as a metal sculptor. But I do plan on eventually buying the equipment to be able to sculpt at home, I really love it. Also I just found out that my aunt and uncle own a MIG welder and plasma cutter, so I will be making some stuff with them (well actually my cousin is the one who uses them) sometime in the future. I’m super excited. Oh, thanks BTW, I’m glad you like it.

      October 19, 2011 at 11:14

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