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Steel Sunflower – Metal Sculpting


So today I finally got started on my own project in Metal Sculpting (as opposed to the mandatory ones for class, and general practice pieces). I’m super excited, I love working metal so much!

Anyway, I’m making my mom  a 6′ sunflower to put in her garden (though once I bend the round bar and it gets stuck in the ground it will probably be closer to 4.5′ or so), and decided to start with the leaves. I cut them by hand using an oxy-acetylene torch because I wanted the ragged edges on the leaves. I’ll be using the plasma-cutter for the petals and center so I can get nice smooth edges on them. After cutting out the leaves in that lovely heart shape you see on the right, I heated them in the forge and used my pliers to bend and shape the edges. Once the edges were turned down nicely, I heated the center and pounded it out on an anvil to get that rounded valley in the center. I’m going to flip the other leaf so it’s the inverse of the one that’s finished now, I just wanted them arranged to easily show the before and after.

In all it took me about 35-40 minutes to get this much done, but a lot of that was me trying to figure out where I was going and what to do, so I should get faster from here out. Hopefully I’ll have the sculpture done in a week or two at the most. I will continue to post my progress, and be sure to get a few good pics of the completed piece.


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