Between dreams and reality exist whole dimensions.

The Beginning (via The Luminescent Chronicles)

As I have just begun my own serial story, I figured I’d share one I found on WordPress that I quite enjoy. The Luminescent Chronicles it set in a world which seems to be somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy (a little more on the fantasy side so far), and yet defies both genres. With intriguing characters and a beautifully surreal setting it is a very engaging read.

Wispy clouds slowly drifted across the star-speckled sky and a bright moon shone down upon countless oak and slate roofs, casting shadows in the night. Throughout the enclave streets, mists and darkness roamed unchallenged. However, on one street, called Scribblers Way by some, life remained. Circling a squat stone building with a domed roof, devoid of ornamentation, Scribblers Way was unremarkable. Tonight, however, it was full of activity. Ligh … Read More

via The Luminescent Chronicles


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