Between dreams and reality exist whole dimensions.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT sing this to your child before bed!

I wrote this a few years ago, but I’m posting it now just because I’m feeling creepy. I have an audio recording of me singing it, but I have a terrible voice (not terrible as in terrifying, just plain old terrible). If I can find someone better to sing it for me I’ll upload that, if not maybe I’ll upload the one of me…

Hush little Baby

Image by KW photography via Flickr

A Monstrous Lullaby

NOTE: To be sung to the tune of “Hush Little Baby.”

Hush now child don’t dare cry
Lest I find you and then you die

Sleep now baby while I wait
My hunger swells as does my hate

And as you sleep dream of me
But make not a peep or I shall be

For I exist,not in your head
That is me beneath your bed

If you scream and others wake
Their lives too I will take

I’m unseen by all but you
But I’m still here you know it’s true


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